5 Ways To Stop Your Teeth From Yellowing!

Pigmented foods, sodas, coffee and acidic drinks can all cause the erosion of enamel and the yellowing of teeth. But amazingly, the more yellow your teeth are, the quicker it will be to whiten them. Polish up those pearly whites and prevent future stains with these 5 incredibly easy tips! #1 Use A Straw Love coffee, tea or even warm lemon water in the mornings? Instead of drinking in a way that the compounds will spread around your mouth, sip your favourite beverage through a straw. This will keep yellowing compounds off the surface of your teeth! #2 Eat Whitening Foods Apples, celery and carrots help to scrub away plaque and stains just like a toothbrush. After your cup of joe or a glass of red wine, combat yellowing with one of these crunchy, nutritious snacks. Add these amazing foods to your diet for just one week and watch the discolouration fade! #3 Use Homemade Whitener Brushing with this super paste is better than many conventional whitening toothpastes, trays or strips. It contains old fashioned baking soda and water. Mix until the paste is grainy and then brush with it for your normal amount of time. The texture helps to neutralize stains but it is not harsh on your mouth. You will see your teeth gleaming after just one use! #4 Pick The Right Lip Shade A more rich lip shade can increase the bright appearance of your teeth. Try out different colours that compliment your skin tone. Bright pinks, deep reds and dark purples are all great options for giving your pearly whites a little boost. #5 Fight Acid Reflux Acid reflux or heartburn can make you feel uncomfortable, but it can also permanently damage your teeth. Stomach acids surfaces in your mouth and wears at your enamel, inviting in all kinds of harsh stains. There are many treatments for acid reflux which you can consult your doctor about. Give these tips a try and tell us your results! What is your secret to whiter teeth? Source: Prevention  

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