5 Ways to Use Tea Bags That You Weren't Aware Of

Whether you've been an avid tea drinker your entire life or you've just picked up the habit due to its widely known health benefits, these five fun facts will give you an even greater respect for the loveable beverage.   1. Natural Shoe Deodorizer: Place two to three unused tea bags in each of your shoes and allow the herbs to release their fabulous fragrance for a couple of days. 2. Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Have some extra black tea brew? Make it a mop day and add it to your routine, which will naturally work to restore the color of your floor, replace the sheen and fill in small scratches. 3. Pimple Soother: Though the best thing to do is to NOT pop your pimple, the reality is you just can't help it sometimes. So if you're going to break the rules, make sure to put a warm, soaked tea bag on the infected area to aid in reducing both the redness as well as the size of the blemish. 4. Furniture Stainer: Going for that shabby chic look these days? Brush on a steel wool and vinegar mix and complete the process by painting your piece with some brewed tea. 5. Perfect Bath mate: Whether it's been a long and stressful day or you're skin is irritated from the sun, soak five or more tea bags in a hot, running bathtub and begin to brew yourself into a state of relief and relaxation. The aromas of tea promote a sense of calmness, while its natural properties sooth sunburns. What other ways have you found tea to be beneficial? Source: Popsugar

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