5 Weight Loss Struggles That Don't Go Away Even After You Slim Down

When it comes to weight loss, the path isn't always paved with flowers and rainbows. It takes determination, dedication, confidence and an open mind to reach your goals. And while you imagine that reaching your desired weight will take away any and all worries concerning the matter that you ever had, that's not always the case. Emotionally, physically and interpersonally, losing weight still carries baggage. Here are some of the biggest challenges you may face.
  1. Food celebrations
  Finally fit into those jeans? Rather than celebrating with a victory run, it sounds much more fun to eat a piece of cake, which sometimes turns into three pieces, which often times leaves you feeling less than comfortable in those jeans by night's end. 2. Feeling guilty over slip-ups   Speaking of food, it's OK to have a bad night. If you opt for the pizza when you know it's not in your best interest, don't throw your hands up and assume your waistline is ruined. Indulge in the taste and know that one piece is enough. Often times, when people tend to feel guilty about slipping up, it leads them down a dark path of binge eating with no return. 3. Thinking you can stop working out   You worked your tail off to get this body, and now that you have it, you just want to flop down on the couch and be done with it all. But what you have to remember is that while the word "diet" may have you assuming that certain foods and activities will get you the body you want, it's "lifestyle" that will help you to maintain that body. 4. People celebrating your new figure   At first it feels good, but after awhile, everyone telling you how incredibly great you look starts to make you wonder what they thought of you before. 5. People not noticing your new bod   Then there are the people who literally don't make even a single remark regarding your weight loss. When you slip it into conversation they tilt their head a little, squint their eyes and say something infuriating like, "Oh, I can't really see a difference." What other struggles have you noticed once losing weight? Source: Shape  

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