5 Weird But Common Reasons Why Your Boobs Are Sore

That tender feeling in your tatas can be bothersome, but likely they is no serious medical reason for them to be aching. We break down the 5 most common reasons why your girls can become sore every and now and then. #5 shocked me! #1 You're wearing the wrong bra Many of us are not wearing the proper bra size, and it can have an impact on our breast comfort. Walking around with cups that are too small, underwires that are digging into your flesh or straps that constrain can cause discomfort. So get fitted for the right size! #2 You're lacking support while working out  Just like wearing the right bra is important, the right sports bra is equally as vital. Having your boobies bouncing about unsupported leads to pain, so get a proper fitting for your workout wear too. #3 PMS  Breast pain can creep up around that time of the month. It is most common for women to report tenderness prior to their period, so keep that in mind when you start to feel it. Taking supplements such as evening primrose oil can help ease breast discomfort, along with tiredness and cramps. #4 You're hitting the gym more  The tightening and relaxing of muscles around the breast area increases with excess workouts, so you may feel some pain in the first few weeks of a new, harder hitting routine. #5 You can't get enough caffeine  Studies have shown that coffee could has a strange effect on boobs. Overconsumption can lead to slight soreness and extra sensitivity, which usually only lasts of few days. Who knew! What are some weird health issues you'd like us to investigate? Please share your thoughts with us!  

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