5 Women Share Their Most Awkward Sex-Ed Memories!

Ah, sex-ed. We all have one or two cringe-worthy tales of sexual education. Check out these extremely awkward stories below and share your own with us in the comments! 1) Country Contraception Our sex ed video was the stuff of nightmares. We had to watch a rubber hand puppet penis called 'Johnny Condom' singing a country song about contraception. Seriously, watch and be amazed. - Emily, 22 2) Diaphragm Disaster  When our head teacher took a sex ed lesson, she decided to teach us about the different types of contraception by bringing in her OWN diaphragm into school and passing it around our entire class. - Rachel, 19 3) The News On Lube  I'll never forget the time our sex ed lady reminded us all that not EVERY liquid can be used as lube: "salad cream, for example". - Jessica, 22 4) Clitoris Conundrum  On one occasion our design and technology teacher had to cover sex ed class, but he couldn't identify the clitoris on a diagram. He went BRIGHT red when one of the savvier year eight girls had to get up to do it for him. - Jo, 21 5) A New Twist on the Condom Classic  Ahead of the classic 'condom on a banana' lesson, our sex ed teacher asked the woodwork teacher to make her 20 wooden penises - which he did. They were SCARILY realistic. - Emma, 35 Share your sex-ed stories with us!

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