5 Yummy Uses For Common Kitchen Scraps

When whipping up your favourite healthy meals, you may find you are left with a large amount of food scraps that you either throw away or toss in the compost bin. But hang on a second, there is a lot you can do with those scraps. That's right, take your waste and turn it into delicious food! Here are some ideas for 5 of the most common kitchen scraps:

1. Potato peels

If you are peeling your spuds for mashed potatoes or potato salad, keep the skins! In just a few steps, you can turn them into a tasty snack. Toss the peels with oil and seasonings, then roast at 400°F for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Apple peels

Again, if you need to peel your apples to make a particular dish, hang on to the skins.  Roast the peels, tossed with a tiny bit of melted butter, cinnamon and sugar, at 400°F for 10 to 12 minutes, for a sweet, crispy apple chip! IMG_5723_edited-1024x680

3. Citrus peels

Thin skinned oranges like clementines, tangerines, or satsumas provide a perfect way to season stews or tomato sauces. Oven dry them at 200°F and you're good to go. Thicker skins, like those from grapefruit, are perfect for making candied fruit. [bctt tweet="5 Yummy Uses For Common Kitchen Scraps"]

4. Melon rinds

After eating delicious melon, most of us don't stop to think before tossing the rind. The rind is the white part that exists between the flesh of the melon and the outer skin. The rinds are a perfect sub for cucumbers in salads and gazpachos. You can even add it to curries!

5. Herb stems

Herb stems are perfect for making homemade stock, but you probably already knew that. But, we bet you didn't know that they are a perfect way to infuse oil and vinegar, and they can be added to pesto, chimichurri sauce, relish, tapenade, and stuffing. What are your favourite uses for kitchen scraps? Source: the kitchn

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