BodyRock Sweatography: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Inspirational BodyRocker: Radha
Ever since i became a teenager my weight remained over 60 kg, my love for food made it worse
i got fatter and fatter
my friends called me fatso
i did numerous attempts to diet and lose weight, but as I lost weight, i lost motivation as well and I would go back to where I started. my parents told me it was genetic and i could have done nothing but grow fat until i decided to change my genes...
I joined the gym, got a personal trainer... and started on a journey that was sore, painful but worth it.
in this journey i have met all types of people, some pushed me up and other tried to get me down. some said for how long i could do that??? i would have to stop someday and i would become worse than before... Nobody understands I did not start to stop... I want to go on

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