This 52-Year-Old Mom Looks 25! She Reveals Her Best Beauty Secrets

Pamela Jacobs is 52, but you wouldn't know it. The beauty from Britain loves snapping selfies and showing off her enviable bikini body! bikini body weight loss Her radiant skin and thick hair are au natural. The mother of one (her 21-year-old son, Marley) says that her youthful glow is part genetic, and part healthy living. While her mother and sister also look decades younger than their real ages, Pamela says her biggest beauty secret for helping to maintain her young appearance is coconut oil. Coconut oil provides energy, fights off bacteria, reduces appetite and drastically improves hair and skin's moisture barriers. anti aging skin hair The hot mama also works out regularly and eats a very healthy diet. She takes many fitness classes to sculpt and tone her figure and her diet is rich in leafy greens and nuts. She is strict about limiting her simple carb intake, and is not a fan of bread or pasta. Her only indulgence is the rare drink of alcohol or her biggest weakness, organic dark chocolate. Her last words of wisdom for maintaining a gorgeous complexion? Investing in higher quality cosmetic brands. Cosmetics that are chemical free and not cheaply made keep skin more moisturized and will not damage it over time. What are your thoughts on this stunning 52 year old (who is turning 53 next month!)? Share your thoughts, opinions and beauty tips with us!

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