57-Year-Old Can Hold a Plank for 5 HOURS!

Next time you feel accomplished with your 1 minute plank, think of this man. 57-year-old George E. Hood, a former Marine, is the world record holder for longest abdominal plank. At his record shattering 5 hours and 15 minutes in the intense bodyweight position, he only begins to feel discomfort at hour 2.

A standard plank, (which looks a bit like you're frozen in a pre-pushup position), is recommended to last a mere 20 seconds. So how does George manage to maintain his stance?

“I look for every bit of distraction I can get,” he explains.

The certified personal trainer and 6 time world record holder put himself through this torture for a wonderful cause, The Semper Fi fund. His stunt helped raise donations to provide rehabilitation to injured Marines.

"They're my heroes. Every one of them. This is the least I could do. And the discomfort I’m feeling right now pales in comparison to that which they’ve experienced on the battlefield." he says.

George, who is also a certified trainer and owner of his own fitness centre, spent 6 long months training to get his body record breaking ready. While his regime was intense, he was weary of overexerting himself.

Whether you're going for a plank record (6 hours, perhaps?) or just want to reap the benefits of this exercise - planks provide you heightened flexibility, improved posture and relief from back pain.

What do you think of this record breaker? How long is your planking personal best? Let us know in a comment!

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