#5DayWorkout, Surfer Girl Workout: Funboard Friday

Surfer Girl Workout: Funboard Friday Your body should be sore all over today especially your abs yesterdays core challenge. Funboard Friday is the longest workout in this program and it will push you and challenge you. Today’s workout focuses on the entire body, doing cardio to see the changes you have always wanted to see. Being strong and in good cardio shape is so important to a surfer because when you are surfing you are basically doing cardio almost the entire time. Paddling out to a wave, riding a wave and swimming back out are all cardio exercises. Remember as a kid even taking swim lessons and swimming from one end of the pool to the other was tiring. I still lose my breath when I do laps in a pool; it’s such a good workout. You will need a jump rope for today’s workout, if you don’t have one jump like you are using an imaginary jump rope. You will also need hand weights, if you don’t have hand weights you can use something else instead for example can soup or water bottles. If you don’t have anything to use in place of weights still do the exercise and really focus on the muscle you are working on.   Funboard Friday Emphasis: Cardio/Full-body Beginner:  2- 7 lbs, Intermediate:  7-15 lbs, Advanced: 15 -20 lbs 30 sec. jumping rope jump rope 30 sec. push-ups push-ups 30 sec. surfer on each side (right and left) surfers 30 sec. jack-knife crunches jack-knife crunches 30 sec. jump squats squat 30 sec. burpees


30 sec. side plank on each side (right and left) side plank 30 sec. tricep dips

tricep dips

30 sec. bicep lifts bicep lift 30 sec. high knees high-knees Repeat series a total of 3x, making this a 16 minute hiit workout. You should be happy that you have have completed this 5 day workout.  You will be closer to that summer/surfer body and it’s not even summer yet. Way to go!  

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