#5DayWorkout, Surfer Girl Workout: Tail-side Thursday

Surfer Girl Workout: Tail-side Thursday Now that we have worked arms and legs it’s time to focus on the mid-section: abs. Abs may be the most important body part to a surfer because abs are what you use to pull yourself onto the board and ride. You have to have crazy strong abs to even attempt surfing. Picture after picture of surfers with abs that are lean and cut, surfers truly have the best abs around. I have been working on my abs for over a year now and I have found that in addition to a hard abs workout out diet is so important. The experts say abs are made in the kitchen and it’s so true. I continue to cut our certain foods that are bad for me to attain a surfer six-pack. Cut out all refined sugars while doing this workout program and you will see results just from that. Eat healthy and clean with predominately choosing fresh fruits and veggies, say no to processed foods and stick with whole foods and lean proteins. I truly believe each one of us can eat healthy and get the body we have always wanted. Why wait for summer when you can keep a summer mentality all year long. It’s sunny and bright in your head and in your heart. You don’t need any equipment for today’s workout you will need a small space to do this work out and a positive attitude. Tail-slide Thursday Emphasis: Abs 30 sec. side plank on each side (right and left) side plank 30 sec. bicycle crunches bicycle crunches 60 sec reverse crunches

 reverse cunches

30 sec. boxer crunches boxer crunches 60 sec. plank 30 sec. leg lift crunches leg lifts 30 sec. side to side v-sit v-sit Repeat series a total of 3x, making this a 15 minute hiit ab workout. You entire core is going to be sore after this workout. If you stick with this 5 day workout you will see results.  

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