5k Training

Thinking about running a 5km race? Here's how to get started! One day, go for endurance and distance. Run as long as you can for as far as you can. Pace is not an issue at all. In fact, if you need to slow your pace so you are nearly walking, do so! It might be 1/2 mile, it might be a mile - who cares! Just use this day to work on increasing your distance with no attention to speed. 5k race The next time you run, do intervals. (This is also the best fat-burning workout you can do!). Warm up with a brisk walk for 3-5 minutes and then run as fast as you can for one minute. I seem to ramp up during my minute, so I will increase my pace throughout so that near the end. It is painful, ugly and I'm counting the seconds. This is exactly how you want to feel to get the most out of your workout! And remind yourself that after the minute is over, you can walk until you are comfortably breathing out of your nose with your mouth closed. This is called Fartlek training. Do enough intervals to get you to 20-30 minutes max. And don't do this more than 3x a week or on consecutive days. Your body needs a break! Finally, on your third day of running, go for speed. This doesn't mean you are sprinting the whole time, but use something like Nike Running to announce your pace per mile and understand where you are at and then watch for improvements.   What other tips/strategies do you have for race training? Share them with us in the comments!    

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