6 Big Sex Mistakes Men Make

We've all experienced dudes making a few blunders when it comes to hooking up. We investigate what ladies say are the 7 biggest no-no's guys have pulled on them. #5 is one we can all relate to! #1 Assuming a make out sesh is a gateway to sex.  article-0-1A87BF5300000578-780_634x383 Just because you lock lips after a night out or a fancy dinner does, in no way, mean it's going any further than that. Sorry buddy, a little PDA won't seal the deal. #2 Going from 0 - sex and bypassing foreplay.  asex Science is on our side here! A recent study revealed that foreplay - kissing, cuddling, oral sex and manual stimulation - can make sex last longer and feel more intimate. Nail him with that the next time he tries to...well, nail you...without...foreplay... #3 Ignoring your body cues.  girls_jews Not paying attention to your needs in the bedroom is a huge sex faux pas on his part. If you're trying to communicate without straight up saying, "Hey, switch it up here", and he's not getting the message? Maybe it's time to have a post sex talk about your pleasure. #4 Biting too hard.  steve_carell_40_year_old_virgin-e1357719820155 A little scratch or bite is erotic for most of us, but chomping down on your flesh is part of nobody's fantasy! #5 Pulling some crazy porn move to "impress you".  forgetting-sarah-marshall-sex-scene Yeah, none of that impresses us. Maybe someone should give PornHub a break... #6 The post hook-up "I'm not looking for a relationship" talk.  brdies Take it easy there, not every girl sleeping you wants to date you. Sometimes girls are just looking for a hot hook-up with no strings attached. Jeez! What are some hook-up horror stories you have? Share them with us.

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