6 Bizarre Causes Of Breakouts And How To Fix Them!

If you've been having skin issues for weeks now and can't figure out why, it could be due to one of these weird causes. Our automatic thought when we see a pesky pimple is stress or hormones. Interestingly, that is not always the case. Weather changes, environmental pollutants and other odd occurrences can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Even your diet, exercise regimen and sleep pattern could start a buildup of blemishes without you even knowing. Here are 6 reasons why your skin is stressing!

#1 You've Been Making Out With A Bearded Dude

  "The prickly hairs in your partner's beard can absolutely cause a pink irritated rash on your lower face," says Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD and FRCPC. "It can present itself as pink bumpy pimples, deeper cysts, or just a pink itchy rash." The irritation can lead to infection and make pimples worse! A conditioning beard oil can soften hairs for a more inviting makeout session. If all else fails, maybe it's time to say 'goodbye' to Decembeard?

#2 Cosmetic Overload

  If you're always covering up with concealers, blushes and bronzers that contain harsh chemicals, it could be resulting in mega-breakouts. Many makeup products clog up your pores and fill them with irritating toxins. Downgrade your makeup game and let your skin breathe. You can try hydrating, cleansing face masks to open and detoxify pores. Making a raw honey and oatmeal mask, for example, is an effective way to clear your skin. [bctt tweet="6 Bizarre Causes Of Breakouts And How To Fix Them!"]

#3 You're Glued To Your Phone

  Your phone is constantly being touched and germs are being transferred onto it. If you're not wiping down your phone every night, the surface can breed harmful bacteria. Not only could this make you sick, it could create major breakouts on your face! Avoid putting your phone against your face when making a call. Try using your headphones or speakerphone to reduce bacterial transfer.

#4 Your Laundry Detergent Clogs Skin

  Your detergent could be to blame for that plethora of pimples. Certain chemical compounds and fragrances in laundry soap irritate the skin and cause harsh reactions. When you lay on a freshly washed pillow case, the detergent rubs against your face and irritates it. Swap out your soap for a more natural alternative!

#5 Greasy Pillowcases

  "Grease from your scalp and products from your hair build up on your pillow case." says Shainhouse. "If you don't change it frequently enough, the oils can potentially trigger and acne reaction on your face." Change those cases regularly. Also, pull your hair back when you sleep so there is less grease and oil transferring to the fabric.

#6 Booze Is Drying Your Face

  Alcohol is the number 1 culprit for dry, dehydrated skin and breakouts. Sugary drinks add to the problem by exacerbating blemishes. Going out for a night of little sleep, with heavy makeup on and lots of booze drinking can lead to a nasty pimple outbreak. Limit your alcohol intake and make sure to get adequate shut eye after the bar. What are your favourite acne treatments? Share them with us! Source: Bustle

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