6 Cool Facts About Your Booty You Never Knew

So you've probably never discussed butts in such detail since that phase in Kindergarten when you called everyone a "poop butt". But today we're diving in (erm..) to all the neat, gnarly and never-before-heard butt facts. Take note! icelandic-fitness-models-butts 1) Let's start at the beginning. The evolutionary reason humans evolved derrieres was just so we could sit down. There's a bone on the top of your booty called the "coccyx" and that was supposed to be a tail before evolution decided against it. 2) Erotic spanking dates back to ancient paintings depicting men whipping and spanking women in sexual poses. Oh and Victorian England was super into spanking. Thousands of porno pieces showing spanking were produced throughout the period. Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.13.11 AM 3) Women generally have larger butts then men because this is the area where their estrogen is deposited. 4) You rear is your body's most powerful muscle group. A muscle trio of gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are all located right in your moneymaker. butt 5) While Kim Kardashian X-rayed her badonkadonk to prove she doesn't have implants, the X-rays were never reviewed by a qualified doctor. So it's still up in the air whether Kim K had surgery on those hot buns. Speaking of ass implants, 10% of surgery recipients are male. buttk   6) Ass augmentation uses your own body fat (typically taken from your stomach) and deposited in your tush. This makes future fat appear on your caboose instead of your belly because your body will deposit fat where fat already resides. What did you think of our 6 booty facts? Let us know!

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