6 Easy Ways To Make Your Smoothie Healthier And More Affordable

A healthier smoothie doesn't mean a more costly one. There are simple ways to amp up the deliciousness and nutritiousness of your boring old recipes without breaking the bank! Check out these six swaps to save money: #1 Swap Cocoa Nibs for Cocoa Powder Cocoa powder gives you the same flavour and a smooth texture for less moola. It's more abundant in magnesium than nibs, and has been thought of as one the most potently nutritional substances you can purchase. It's low-cal, high-fiber and promotes proper circulation and nervous system function. #2 Swap Goji Berries for Frozen Blueberries Antioxidant-rich blueberries are powerful, and even more powerful when frozen. They are mighty little brain boosters which also fight off disease, trim belly pudge and prevent hypertension. So don't bypass these polyphenol-packed berries in your frozen foods section. #3 Swap Chia Seeds for Flaxseed Chia seeds are touted as being amazing for you, and they are very vitamin and mineral rich. But chia seeds do not hold a candle to ground flaxseed, which is cheaper and loaded with fiber to stave off hunger, omega-3s for fat blasting and properties which protect your skin from damage and premature aging. Oh, and they are a source of protein. #4 Swap Superfruit Powder for Kiwi Yes, pricey superfruit powders have exotic sounding names like camu camu and market themselves as fortified with nutrients. But kiwi fruit is just simple, grocery store produce that helps digestion, protects DNA from oxidative damage, cleanses the body, keeps eyesight intact and is great for your skin! They are lush, fresh tasting and affordable. #5 Swap Coconut Oil for Peanut Butter Hang on, I know coconut oil is a food of the gods. But it can be pricey! Organic PB (not the sugary, conventional kind) is a great swap because its loaded with heart healthy properties and cancer fighting benefits. It's full of protein to keep you energized and potassium which can counteract the damage done by a sodium heavy diet within your system. And it goes great with cocoa powder! #6 Swap Green Powders for Fresh Greens Go for the real deal! Fresh beets for good blood flow, spinach for folate and clear skin, Swiss chard for balanced blood sugar levels and kale for antioxidants and heart health. These fresh, luscious ingredients are low cost and don't contain any strange sounding fillers or chemical additives like powders do. What are your favourite smoothie recipes? Share them with us! For exciting meal ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Clean eating never looked so good! Source: Prevention

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