6 Emotions That Keep Belly Fat Around!

Our bodies are connected in many ways. When one part hurts, another steps up to help out. This is not only in a physical sense. Our emotions effect our body a little more than we think. So that squishy, belly fat that we all dread and try to get rid may be controlled by our emotions. Everything is connected, here are 6 different emotions that make it hard to lose that stubborn belly fat.

1) Feeling lonely

This bad emotion, like all others, leads to a desire to comfort ourselves. Comfort comes in many forms but food is one of the main choices for most.

2) Being Happily Married

Yes, once you get comfortable with someone you tend to let yourself go a little. Being married (or living happily with someone) means that you have someone to share a meal with a regular eating schedule and larger portions. No more cooking for one!

3) You're Deprived

Of ANYTHING: food, sex, attention or validation. No matter how good you want to be, trying to stay away from those bad foods, our brains hardwire them to be the "reward" foods. What foods do you use as your cheat foods, they are almost rewards for doing so well.

4) Anxiety

When we're anxious, our body deals with a lot of stress. Stress leads to the desire to comfort ourselves, and what's better comfort than some chocolate cake and ice cream?

5) Stress

Not only do we try to calm ourselves with tasty snack, there is a hormonal affect from stress. When we get stress a hormone called cortisol takes the fatty acids that are released into our blood stream, from feeling stressed, and stores them right where we don't want them, our belly area.

6) Boredom

This is probably the most realised emotion to affect our abs. How many times have you gone to the cupboard to just see what's there because you have nothing better to do? And eating just because you are board?


Can you think of any other emotions that lead to belly fat? Share with us!

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