6 Equalizer Exercises To Tighten Your Abs & Lift That Booty

For ultimate results begin this workout with 15 minutes of cardio to warm up your body & get your heart rate going. This could be done on the treadmill, row machine, stairmaster or even with a skipping rope. Once you are warmed up..all you need is a yoga mat & your equalizers ! EQUALIZER1

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  Leg Lifts - 20 Each Leg Equa-AbWorkout (1 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (2 of 19) Place your hands on the equalizer. Extend one leg up directly behind you and pulse your leg up. Glute Bridge- 20 reps Equa-AbWorkout (5 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (6 of 19) Get ready to lift that booty ! Begin with your feet ontop of equalizer. Start the movement by driving through your heels, extending your hips up. Your weight should be supported by your upper back and the heels of your feet. Extend up as far as possible, squeeze your glutes, then come back down to starting position. V-Sit Twists - 20 Reps  Equa-AbWorkout (7 of 19)Equa-AbWorkout (7 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (8 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (9 of 19) This exercise will test your core strength. Begin in a V-Sit position, holding the equalizer infront of you. If this exercise is too difficult with your feet lifted off the floor, you can gently rest them on the ground and still perform this exercise. In a smooth motion, twist your upper body to the right until you feet a stretch in your back & obliques. Tap the side of the equalizer on the floor and then slowly move back to starting position and repeat on the opposite side. This is one rep.. complete 20.  Plank Jump - 10 reps Equa-AbWorkout (10 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (11 of 19)Equa-AbWorkout (12 of 19) This exercise will work your entire body & your endurance! Begin in a plank position with your hands placed on your equalizer. Bend your knees, push off your toes and jump your feet to the inside of the equalizer. You will be positioned into a low squat position. From there, jump back into your plank position with your core engaged.  That will be one rep. If this is too difficult for you, perform 20 mountain climbers instead. Knee Ups- 20 reps Equa-AbWorkout (13 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (14 of 19) Begin with placing your hands under the shoulders and lift feet off the ground. Just holding this position will give you a great core workout! Control this movement and swing your feet forward and then behind you, trying to keep your body from leaning forward and backwards. This will work your arms & your core as you perform each crunch. Side Plank Dips -10 each side Equa-AbWorkout (16 of 19) Equa-AbWorkout (17 of 19) Begin in a side plank on your right side with your feet placed on top of equalizer. Your left foot should be crossed over the right ontop of the equalizer and your right arm should be placed on the mat. Slowly and controlled, lower your right hip down towards the mat and back up to plank position. That is considered one rep. This exercise really targets your obliques. If it is too difficult with your feet on the equalizer, it can be done without. Enjoy your workout and let us know what you think in the comments!

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