6 Equalizer Exercises to Tone Your Abs, Arms , Butt & Legs

For this workout we are going to wear a weighted vest to increase the intensity, burn more calories and make you sweat even more! Repeat this circuit 3 times to really feel the burn & maximize your results. All you need is your weighted vest & equalizers.. now lets get started ! VEST2  

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  Squats – 15 reps untitled-109untitled-110 Time to sculpt and lift that booty. Pick up one Equalizer Bar so that you’re holding it directly overhead. Make sure your arms are straight, so that the Equalizer is being held parallel to the floor. Tip your hips backward and squat down, as if you were going to sit in a chair. Keep your heels planted on the floor and your head and chest up, facing forward. Stop when your thighs are parallel or slightly deeper than parallel to the ground.   Push ups- 15 reps untitled-111 untitled-112 Stand facing the equalizer bars with your body positioned between them, your feet about two to three feet away from the nearest support. Bend forward and grasp the foam hand holds, then straighten your legs and body so that your body forms a straight line from your heels to your head, your arms fully extended. Bend your elbows and lower your torso towards the bars while engaging your core. When your chest reaches bar-height, press yourself back to the starting position.   Rear Leg Lifts- 15 reps (each leg) untitled-113 untitled-114 Place your hands on the equalizer. Extend one leg up directly behind you and pulse your leg up. Lateral Side Leg Lifts – 15 reps (each leg) untitled-116 untitled-117 Place both hands on equalizers in front of you. Begin with lifting one leg to the side as high as you can and place it back down. Keep your core muscles tight the entire time, as you lift your leg in a controlled and smooth manner. You will feel the burn in your glutes and inner thighs.   Plank With Knee to Elbow – 15 reps (each leg) untitled-118 untitled-119 untitled-120 Begin in a plank position with hands directly beneath your shoulders and feet placed on an equalizer bar. Tighten your abs and bring one knee to the outside of the same arm, pausing for a moment before straightening the leg back behind you. V-Sit Twists – 15 reps untitled-121 untitled-122 This exercise will really test your core strength. Begin in a V-sit position holding the equalizer infront of you. If this exercise is too difficult with your feet lifted off the floor, you can gently rest them on the ground and still perform the exercise. In a smooth motion, twist your upper body to the right until you feel a stretch in your back and obliques. Tap the side of the equalizer on the floor and then slowly move back to starting position and repeat to the opposite side. This is one rep.

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