6 Every Day Weight Loss Tricks You May Already Be Doing (and didn't even know it!)

We all know the (not so great) crash diet weight loss tricks. Sure you can drop a bunch of weight in a short amount of time, but it more often than not comes back just as fast. You want that weight to stay off . When it comes to lasting health, it's the every day stuff that really matters. Small changes add up to big drops on the scale.

Red, red, wine.

According to a recent study, people who drink a daily glass of red wine or juice made from red grapes burned more fat than they did without the drink. The scientists say ellagic acid (a natural phenol antioxidant in the grapes) dramatically slows the growth of existing fat cells and formation of new ones. It boosts metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells.

Get Some Sun

Tanning may not be great for your health but that doesn't mean you should avoid sunlight altogether. A recent study showed that outdoor exposure to sunlight early in the day reduced appetite and increased mood. The researchers had people wear a device that recorded their sun exposure. The participants who spent just 15 to 20 minutes in the sun had lower BMIs than those who were exposed to less or no sunlight.

Drink Water on Ice

We know that drinking lots of water is an essential part of healthy living but if you're trying to lose weight, drink it on ice! Researchers found that people who drank up to six cups a day of chilled water raised their resting metabolism by 12 percent. They believe this has to do with your body working harder to bring the water to a warmer temperature before digesting it. Over time it can help you lose about five pounds a year.

Sleep In Complete Darkness

Even the glow of your phone can cause you to pack on the pounds. A study conducted at Ohio State University used mice who slept with a dim light on had altered circadian rhythms that caused them to lose deep sleep and eat more during the day, leading them to gain 50 percent more weight than the mice who slept in pitch black. While the study was done only done on mice, the researchers made note that people who sleep with the light on show the same hormonal disruptions as the mice. On top of that, previous studies on shift workers have found those whose schedules require them to sleep when it's light outside, tend to gain weight.

Early Lunch

A study showed that obese women who ate their lunch after 3 p.m. lost 25 percent less weight than those who ate their lunch earlier in the day. Even though both groups ate the same foods and the same amount of calories, the early bird diners lost five pounds more. Researchers believe that this may have something to do with your body going in to "starvation mode"

Turn Down The Thermostat

Over the past few decade, the average indoor temperature has gone up by several degrees (and the average body weight has gone up several pounds). Scientists don't think that's coincidence. Our bodies evolved to work to keep ourselves warm in cold weather and letting the thermostat do all of the work, be making us heavier. Research conducted found that people who spent a week in rooms kept around 60 degrees Fahrenheit lost weight. Not only did they burn calories staying warm, but researchers believe the exposure to the cold air triggered the growth of "brown fat" - which increased their overall metabolisms.

Talk About Your Food

Sharing your food and recipe ideas is tons of fun - but isn't the act of sharing your food that makes this effective. Instead, it's the act of remembering what you ate. A study conducted showed that people who recalled the details of their last meal ate less at their current meal. Remembering your food can help you be more in tune with your hunger signals.

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