6 Food Swaps To Prevent Summer Weight Gain

Summer is never long enough. We just get into the swing of it when the chill hits the air and the leaves start to turn. Summer may be short when it comes to your social life but it can be incredibly long when it comes to your diet. Summer activities don't always leave us with the best food choices but here are 6 swaps you can make to minimize the damage:

At the ballpark:

Diet trap: Jumbo hot dogs and large beers "A jumbo beef hot dog (larger than a foot-long) can contain about a half-pound of meat per dog," says David Grotto, RD, a former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. That's about 750 calories and 68 grams of fat per dog -- without including the bun! Have a 16 oz beer with that and you're looking at another 200 calories. Better option: Regular hot dog and light beer A regular dog on a bun with mustard, ketchup and relish is about 280 calories. A 12 oz light beer is about 100 to 120 calories.

At an outdoor concert:

Diet trap: frozen cocktails These drinks can be high in calories due to their volume. A large frozen margarita can be 900 calories! Better option: mojitos This yummy libation has only 170 to 230 calories. Choose the smallest size to avoid getting drunk and making foolish meal choices (to say nothing of the other foolish choices that can be made). If you must have a margarita, order a small one on the rocks which weighs in between 250 and 500 calories depending on the size. It is important to remember to drink water. If you are outside all day in the heat and sun, alcohol can dehydrate you and that's not what anyone wants!

At the carnival:

Diet trap: funnel cakes So yummy but according to Grotto, something you should definitely avoid. "Anything with the F-word—fried—is going to be higher in calories per density." One 8.3 oz funnel cake (about the size of a regular paper plate) with powdered sugar is 658 calories. Better option: cotton candy Seems counter intuitive, doesn't it? But because it is just made of spun sugar, it has 16 calories per teaspoon. A small size can be about 150 calories. Share it with your pals and your calorie intake will be even lower!

At the amusement park:

Diet trap: fresh squeezed lemonade This is a deceptive drink! Lemonade contains the same amount of calories as a soda. 16oz can be up to 250 calories! Better option: fruit flavoured water Grotto recommends the following: Ask for ice water, lemon wedges or slices to squeeze and add artificial sweetener or two sugar packets for a tangy drink between 0 and 30 calories. Or, you can carry single serving flavour packets you can add to a plain old bottle of water.

At the movies:

Diet trap: super sized servings Everything is bigger at the movies. A large buttered popcorn at an AMC Movie theater can have 1,640 calories and 126 g of fat in its 20-cup serving. Insane. "I get that it makes more financial sense to get the larger serving, but if you're going to do that, get two people to split a drink, and get the bucket that's shared by all," says Grotto. Better option: kid size combos Made up of a smaller serving of popcorn, a small drink and a small package of candy, the kids' combo is a better choice. An AMC Movie Theater kid-size popcorn without butter has about 300 calories and 20 g of fat. No brainer.

At a cocktail party:

Diet trap: bowls of snacks It is great that your host has been gracious enough to provide snacks but it is easy to overindulge when you are chatting away with your friends. Twenty potato chips have about 200 calories, and a ½ c of dry-roasted, salted peanuts packs around 427 calories. Better option: one handful of snacks "Take a handful and remove the bowl from the table if you can," says Grotto. "If you're out with friends and they want to keep eating, dip your hand into the basket once, and that's that." Grotto says to take small bites and to eat one chip at a time. "It won't make a difference in the calories, but you might be more cognizant of how much you're eating if you do that." How do you stay diet smart over the summer? Keep those pesky pounds off this summer by working out on a regular basis. Check out our video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSzwKCql63g dailyhiit.com/fatburnchallenge

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