6 Foods Thin Women Eat Every Single Day

All of those pre-packaged diet foods seem like the miracle you've been waiting for. All of the fat-free, low-carb, gluten-free options that promise you all the taste of your favourite foods without any of the "bad" stuff, are not helpful to your weight loss efforts. They may be missing some of the ingredients you've been told to ignore, but they are also missing any and all of the nutritional value. If you'd like to take control of your diet and drop those pounds once and for all, why not take a closer look at the foods slender people eat on a regular basis? The following whole foods will help you stay satisfied and slim down!

1. Pears

A new study published in the  Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences  has found that eating a pear each day may help you battle obesity. To be specific, the study found that people who ate pears were 35% less likely to be obese than those who didn't. This was true even when both groups of people had the same activity level and calorie intake. This is probably because pears are full of fiber, and fiber helps keep you feeling full and your digestive system working as it should. motivate4

2. Almonds

It is important to get a few snacks in over the course of the day. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable can prevent food cravings and help you avoid reaching for junk food.  Research in the  International Journal of Obesity, found that people who ate 70 almonds a day (while following a calorie reduced diet), lost 18% of their body fat over the course of 6 months. The researchers say that the combination of monounsaturated fats, protein, and fiber make people feel fuller faster and longer. For best results, choose raw or unsalted almonds.

3. Green Tea

Green tea can do a lot of wonderful things for your health! Research published in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  found that people who drank a lot of green tea, lost about 3 pounds over 12 weeks, despite not changing anything else in their diet. It was also found that tea drinkers tend to have lower BMIs, waist-to-hip ratios, and less body fat than non-tea drinkers. This is probably due to both the caffeine content and the presence of catechins (a type of antioxidant found in green tea). Both these substances increase the amount of calories your body is able to burn and they boost fat oxidation for up to 24 hours after consumption. belly4

4. Chili Peppers

If you like your food extra spicy, you're in luck! Turns out this heat can boost your metabolism! Research presented at the Biophysical Society's 59th Annual Meeting in 2015 revealed that adding  capsaicin to a high fat diet can can prevent weight gain! While this particular study was performed on mice, similar results have been found in humans taking a capsaicin supplement. The potent little compound can rev your body's ability to burn fat and convert it to energy.

5. Whole Milk and Butter

Too good to be true, right? Well, not really! Research from the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  found that women who eat one serving of whole milk or cheese each day are less likely to gain weight than women who avoid it. While research into this area is not complete, the study's authors believe that full fat dairy might just be more satisfying which leads you to eating less food in general. It is also possible that the fatty acids in dairy boost your metabolism and regulate hormones. inpost

6. Eggs

If you aren't already singing the praises of eggs, it is time you start! Recent studies have found that eating eggs at breakfast, instead of a bagel or cereal, can help you control your hunger all day long. If your hunger is in check, you are not going to find yourself overeating nearly as option. Eggs are high in protein which moves more slowly through your digestive tract, helping you remain feeling satisfied. If you'd like to completely overhaul your diet, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. This 30-day plan gives you the tools you need to build healthy eating habits for life. We provide you with weekly grocery lists so all you have to do is shop and follow along. No muss, not fuss. Kiss packaged foods goodbye and take your health to the next level. Find the meal plan here. What foods do you eat that help you keep your weight loss efforts moving forward? Source: Prevention 

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