6 Friends To Break Up With Immediately

Perhaps it’s because I am in vacation/day dreamer mode or perhaps it’s a case of nostalgia – however it made me ponder and assess how much I have “cleaned house” per say on my life. The last two years have been a constant state of flux and change for me. It is especially true when they say that going through a very difficult time will really make you realize who the true friends, family, and loves in your life are. I am still to this day realizing that quality over quantity is not only attributable to work output, but as well to the people in your life and that you should not base your happiness on the amount of friends you have but rather on the great friends you have. On that basis here is a quick list of the toxic people in your life that need to be fired immediately – call it a cleanse for the soul if you will. http://otherwiseresources.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/toxic-brave2.jpg

Image Source: http://otherwiseresources.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/toxic-brave2.jpg

  1. The Judger – if you feel like you have to walk on eggshells or “filter” the things you tell your friends then why bother having them as friend after all.
  2. The Selfish one – the person who you give all your love and support to when they need it but who is never there for you when you need them (unless it works to their benefit). They will break your heart over and over again which is exceptionally frustrating and hurtful. So why bother continuing to give them more chances.
  3. The Negative Nancy – let’s be honest we all have our downer moments, women often in particular ( I am allowed to say that because I am one – we are insecure by nature at times ). However anyone who always looks at the half glass empty is not ever going to bring your mood up so what is the point. Friends are people who bring out the best in you in the worst of times, this Nancy will just make you feel worse when times get tough.
  4. The Grudge holder – just as with your boyfriend, husband, etc. – your true friends are the ones you can be most honest with which may eventually lead to disagreements, even fights. The thing that separates your true friends from the pack are that you can talk to them, forgive and forget (aka be a boy) versus holding a grudge. Sh!t happens….it’s a part of life, you live and learn from it. So why bother having a friend who won’t forgive
  5. The Jealous friend – does your friend get mad and upset when you hang out with other friends? You are not dating your friends; therefore it’s not like your cheating on them by doing something with someone else. If you feel like you have to sneak around behind your friends backs then there is something wrong.
  6. The One Upper – When you come to them with good news do they give you congrats or do they tell you something about themselves that’s better than your success. It’s exhausting to feel like you are always in a competition with someone you should be relaxed around.
    If you are feeling you have some of these people in your life perhaps it’s time to BREAK UP…pull the plug. Because why have that sort of crazy sh!t in your life if you don’t need it.   Do you have any more toxic friends to add to the list – add them to the comments below!

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