6 Fun Yoga Shapes To Do With Kids!

Getting your kids to do yoga with you is all about how you present it to them. If you make it sound like it's going to be boring or a chore, chances are they are going to either not do it or, if they do, they will sulk through the whole thing. Get their attention and keep it with what they know..present it as shapes! This works great, especially for little ones, and they will see it as a fun game to play with mommy. Remember: don't force them into playing. It tends to keep them from wanting to join in. Just get moving and enjoy yourself. If they see you having a great time doing something, they will be more inclined to join in :)   Here's 6 fun shapes to try: 1. Airplane There's so many ways to go about doing airplane. You can go into different acro poses, or Warrior 2 or 3, chair pose, garland pose then fly... the possibilities are countless! summerperezairplaneacrowithkids summerperezwarriorwithkids summerperezairplaneacrowithkids2     2. Crescent Moon What shapes come to mind when you think of crescent moon? Here my son wanted to join our crescents to make a full moon... and my daughter was just interested in leaning backwards while holding my shorts strings for her version of a backbend. summerperezcrescent with kids     3. LEGO/building with LEGO LEGO blocks are a childhood favorite! There are so many shapes to choose from, from square to rectangle, to slopes to flat. Lots and lots to choose from! And once you get your kids into the shape making mood, see if they are up for making any creations. summerperezlegoposewithkids     4. Pyramids This one is fun with a mini history lesson. My daughter decided to go with her interpretation of the Sphinx. summerperezpyramidswithkids   5. Rainbows/Wheels Wheel pose, downward dog.. what other ways can you create a rainbow? summerperezrainbowwheelwithkids   6. Star This is another with so many variations in which to create a star, such as side plank and headstands. Don't underestimate the simple standing star like this one-- engage your whole body and hold your arms out for a mini work out! summerperezstarposewithkids     As you present each pose, ask your child what he or she thinks each one means. Maybe they have their own version of it that you may not have thought of before. It's not about perfection. It's about getting them involved and actually enjoying it. It's about bonding and creating memories. Don't be hard on yourself or them if things don't go as planned. Just have fun!

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