6 Healthy Hair Hacks To Take The Stress Off Your Strands!

Frizz, split ends, damage? Sounds like your hair is stressed. Here are 6 helpful hair hacks to keep  your locks looking and feeling damage-free! #1 Turn Down The Heat When I don't have a lot of time in the morning, I usually crank the heat on my straightener for a faster, better result. But this can really reek havoc on delicate hair, so it's better to plan ahead, employ some patience and a lower heat setting. I'm talking between 200 and 350 degrees max. #2 Let Your Hair Out It may be super convenient to pull your hair in a tight pony everyday, but it can actually stunt your hair growth. Leave it down when you can, or try a looser ponytail or relaxed braid. #3 Don't Rub Hair With a Towel It has been recently proven that the classic way to dry your hair post-shower is damaging and cause frizz! Do gently squeeze hair to wring it out when it's wet. #4 Thermal Protect It! Don't hit your hair with a heat styler without using a good thermal protectant spray! #5 Take Time Between Washes It's probably a no-brainer by now that washing hair everyday is a no-no. But don't leave it for more than 3 days, because products like hair spray and dry shampoo can put weight on your hair and cause breakage. #6 Trim That Hair! To avoid split and frizzy ends, get a little trim once and a while. You can keep your long length while maintaining healthy hair! What are your top tips for healthy, strong and shiny hair? Share them with us!    

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