6 Judgements People Make On Your Love of Yoga Pants

Thank the comfy fashion gods that yoga pants are IN! In fact, people who where their favourite stretchy pants to places where one would normally not wear that kind of thing are seen as having a higher status since they ignore typical social norms. That being said, not everyone has jumped on the workout pants for real pants trend and make some pretty ridiculous assumptions based on your ultra-comfy fashion choice. Here are some of our favs:

You're "One of  Those Health People"

To the untrained eye, your comfy pants are only made for doing yoga, eating kale and lighting incense. Sure, you'll get your sweat on in them - but you're also gonna rock them to the bar if they're funky enough.

You Might Be a College Student

The jury is still out on whether college students even own pants other than the yoga variety. Don't be shocked if you get an invite to a frat party.

You're on Track to Become (or are already) a Soccer Mom

Because moms don't have time for real pants. They've given up. (please note this is dripping with sarcasm)

You Don't Shower Often

The unsavvy might assume the only thing you changed today is your underwear. Little do they know, you have a pair of yoga pants for every day of the week. Boom.

You're Allergic to Dressing Up

Hardly! You know how to make your comfiest leggings go from your Sunday afternoon Netflix marathon to your night on the town with friends. Versatility, people!


Hear that? That's the sound of people not being able to say a damn thing because your butt looks so amazing.

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