6 Life Lessons to Help You See Exercise and Eating in a Healthier Light

life lessons A lot of people feel like they can't earn that piece of pizza or that slice of cake until they work for it. The gym then automatically becomes the one thing that stands in the way of you and your cravings. But have you ever heard someone say: “Don’t earn your food in the gym”?   The reason this saying came to be is because many of us often find food as a treat, rather than a part of our healthy lifestyle. We view the gym and working out in general as a task that must be completed in order to grasp this reward. But exercising isn't meant to be a task. There are so many benefits to it, and if we don't see them, then it will be easier to not only create an unhealthy relationship to working out, but to eating as well. Viewing exercise as a means of creating a healthier self from the inside out and food as a nourishing, pleasurable experience can take you away from a roller coaster lifestyle and into a more meaningful world. Use the gym as a place to earn your strength, not as an obstacle between you and that cupcake by taking into consideration these six mantras. 1. I'm happy and more focused when I'm not starving. life lessons 2. Food is the original “5-hour Energy.” life lessons 3. Naps are more useful than cupcakes. life lessons 4. Guilt helps no one, and it definitely does not help your deadlift. life lessons 5. Life is more fun if you’re not miserable. life lessons 6. Most of us are not eight years old anymore, so we don’t need motivation designed for that age. life lessons Have you been viewing working out as a means to eat whatever you want? And have any mantras turned into lessons for you to switch from the negative to the positive? Source: Eat to Perform  

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