6 Myths About Fat Debunked Once And For All

Fat is in, baby! People are embracing what was once considered a very serious diet no-no. Coconut oil is crazy popular and meat-heavy, Paleo inspired diets are all the rage. But is this shift healthy? Turns out, it just might be. Almost everything we thought we knew about fat is just plain wrong! Check it out:

MYTH: EATING FAT MAKES YOU FAT Truth: Fat Can Actually Fill You Up So You Eat Less

"It's true that fat has more calories per gram than carbs and protein, but eating the right types of fat as part of a healthy, balanced diet does not make you fat," says Michelle Babb, MS, RD, author of Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy. It takes fat longer to digest than carbs and it stimulates the release of satiety hormones which can prevent you from overeating. Fat plays a really vital role in the body's functioning from hormone production and brain functioning to nutrient absorption.

MYTH: SATURATED FAT CLOGS ARTERIES + CAUSES HEART ATTACKS Truth: Research Is Challenging The Notion That Butter + Red Meat Lead To Heart Attacks

For decades, we've been listening to the same story: the saturated fat in butter, cheese and red meat clogs arteries and leads to heart attacks. However, a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found no link between eating saturated fats and an increased risk for heart attack. Other studies have had similar findings. It is important to note that the experts are not saying saturated fat is good, it just isn't the evil you may have thought it was. At the end of the day, moderation is the key.  

MYTH: BUTTER IS BAD Truth: A Little Butter Isn't Going To Hurt

A recent study found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that a moderate amount of butter could be part of a healthy diet. This doesn't mean you can freely and blindly slather everything you eat with butter. "Don't overdo it," warns Babb. [bctt tweet="6 Myths About Fat Debunked Once And For All"]

MYTH: EATING CHOLESTEROL-RICH EGGS RAISES BLOOD CHOLESTEROL LEVELS Truth: The Cholesterol You Eat Has Little Or No Connection To The Cholesterol In Your Blood

Eggs rule. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advice Committee has now dropped their recommendation to restrict cholesterol. Blood cholesterol is produced by the liver and is hardly impacted by what we eat. Don't be afraid to add eggs to your breakfast routine. "It's a protein powerhouse that's one of the best food sources of choine, a neurotransmitter associated with memory and cognitive function," adds Babb.

MYTH: RED MEAT IS NOT PART OF A HEALTHY DIET Truth: Processed Meat Gets A Thumbs Down, But Not The Unprocessed Stuff

Your burger is perfectly fine but you might want to take a pass on the bacon. Researchers at Warsaw University found that men who ate the most processed meats were twice as likely to die of heart failure than those who ate less. Those who ate unprocessed meats did not show an increased risk of heart disease.  

MYTH: OLIVE OIL IS THE BOMB Truth: We Need A Variety Of Fats In Our Diet

While olive oil is a great source of monounsaturated fat, limiting yourself to just one source of fat would be like eating just one type of vegetable. "Having a variety of fat-containing foods like oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, and salmon provides a broad span of essential fatty acids and phytosterols to safeguard against disease," says Babb. Just remember to take a pass on artificial trans fats, which often appear as partially hydrogenated oils on labels, since these can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. What do you think? Are you ready to make fat your friend? If so, the BodyRock Meal Plan can help! This 30 day menu plan offers you healthy, balanced meals that include a variety of vital fats. And as if that boost wasn't enough, The Plan also contains a detailed nutrition guide and an added recipe book with 70 more recipes! It is almost too good to be true! Source: Prevention

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