6 Nighttime Habits for Weight loss 

Guess what, your current sleep habits maybe unknowingly causing you to age at an accelerated rate, metabolically and physically, leaving you with a metabolic state that is common in seniors! Here are 6 tips to help you tune up your metabolism and trim down your waistline:   1) Plan your Breakfast for the next morning-and get excited about it. If you have a plan in place it will have less of a chance of making a choice you would regret. 2) Skip the Chinese buffet- eating a super salty meal at night can make anyone retain water, look and feel bloated. 3) If you need a snack at night, snack smart- Eat a little more of what you had for dinner or choose something different but keep it light. Aim for under 200 calories and no more than 1 hour before bed! 4) Get your beauty rest- Leave yourself more than enough time to get the rest that you need. Retire an hour early, wind down and get your 7-8 hours! 5) Sleep grounded- No I am not suggesting you sleep on the ground, instead invest in an Earthing technology sheet for your bed. This sheet contains silver threads and actually plugs into the ground and connects you to the earth! This way you can get all the benefits of walking around outside barefoot in your sleep. It helps with inflammation, joint pain, recovery after injury or workouts and overall makes for the best sleep ever. 6) Take a detoxifying bath- Draw yourself a warm bath with 1/3 c Epson salts, ½ course sea salt, 2 tsp of ground ginger and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Not only will this help you cleanse the body but it will lower your cortisol levels- the hormone responsible for belly fat!   Click here to check out more from Gillian

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