6 Reasons Not To Starve Yourself For Your Wedding

There is no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. However, the weight that goes in to, well, weight, of most brides' can surpass the importance of all amazing reasons you're getting married in the first place. As a trainer, I've seen women LOSE THEIR MINDS over not being a size 6 for their wedding (even though they've never been a size 6 at any point in their lives). Ladies (and gents), our love and happiness on this day IS NOT determined by the size you wear. Sure, it can make you feel like a million bucks and I commend every person that wants to feel like the absolutely best version themselves on this special day - but why not take a step back and consider some of the reasons you shouldn't try and crash diet to shed the pounds?

You Don't Want to Be "Hangry"

Ever get super grouchy when you haven't eaten anything and unnecessarily rip someones head off? That's hangry - hungry angry.  Yeah - don't add that stress to your wedding day.

You Need To Be Well Fed To Think

You have a list a mile long of things you need to do: events, times, invitations. You can't possibly keep a clear head if you aren't well fed (I'm going to trademark that rhyme)

"Who the Heck is That?"

Is NOT what you want to be saying when you're looking at your own wedding photo. Dramatic changes are amazing - but not if it's something that you did in an unhealthy way that is going to prevent you from keeping your results. Plus - how depressing would it be to not look like that again in 4 months time?

Food Tastings

Food is a pretty essential part of weddings. Are you really going to deny yourself all of the cake tastings? Really?

Loving Your Body May Inspire Someone Else

Most bridal magazine show your standard model: long, lanky, gorgeous. Why not show the world you don't need to look exactly like that to look gorgeous on your wedding?

You're Starting Your Life With Someone

Keyword: STARTING. Why not start your life as the you your partner fell in love with instead of the one that "isn't good enough for them"? Yes. He/she loved you (ALL of you), enough to marry you. This means, they see no reason for you to change at all.

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