6 Shockingly Easy Beauty Hacks Made With Household Items

You don't always have to dish out funds on hot beauty buys. That sought-after, miracle under eye cream that's $50? A $2 dupe of that might be lurking around in your kitchen cupboard. Here is how to get great results from household items you would never think were "beauty products". 1) Spray starch can be your...dry shampoo! astrac A lot of dry shampoos contain starch anyways, so it's not freaky to think of spraying some in your hair. Spray a bottle of starch 8 inches from your head, to give second or third day hair a fresh, shiny, non-greasy look. 2) Take away frizz with...a dryer sheet! dryer Staticky, frizzy and fried out hair? Don't reach for damage repair, get a quick fix with a dryer sheet. Rub it on your hair to reduce static and frizz. 3) Replace your toner with...apple cider vinegar! apple Apple cider vinegar has a whole list of benefits, but one of them is it's astringent property. Use it as an effective toner for skin, and use it for reducing blemishes when you get a breakout. 4) Banish those bags under your eyes with...green tea! atea Green tea bags are honestly the easiest, quickest way to get rid of puffy eyes. Apply cold, caffeine based green tea bags directly onto your eyes and leave them resting for 5 to 6 minutes. 5) Tighten up skin's elasticity with...coffee! coffee I don't mean drink a few cups for tighter, brighter skin. Save up your coffee grinds and drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil over them. Place the grinds directly on your skin in the areas you want to tighten, and wrap those areas with plastic wrap. Leave on for 12 minutes, then remove the wrap and shower away the grinds. This is a temporary tightener and youthful enhancer for skin! 6) Make your perfume's scent last all night with...Vaseline! 1 Vaseline is occlusive so it will hold fragrance to your skin longer. Rub a little over the spot you spray your perfume for an all-day all-night hold. Let us know if you try any of these tips! Got any household beauty hacks to share with us? Leave a comment!

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