6 Signs You Should Get A New Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer is an amazing way to hold yourself accountable to workouts, push you to your limits and help you learn proper form and technique so you can safely and successfully achieve your fitness goals. That being said, not everyone is honest about their professional background or, sadly, sometimes just lose their love of the job and become lazy. Regardless of the whys, here are 6 reasons you should consider getting a new trainer:

Your trainer doesn't ask about your injuries.

On your very first session, your trainer should ask about your current injuries and if you've had any in the past. They should also ask about your exercise regimen and your fitness goals. More importantly, they should listen to your answers. They should also regularly check in with current or past injuries and inquire how you're doing.

Your trainer only has a group exercise certification.

This can get confusing, but you should always look for a trainer with a degree in exercise science or kinesiology or a personal training certification from a nationally accredited company (acronyms to look for: ACE, CSCS, NASM, and ACSM, CANFIT PRO). Group exercise certifications don't count. Watching youtube videos doesn't make them a pro, no matter how fit they are.

Your trainer puts you on a meal plan.

Although general recommendations are fair game, your trainer isn't in a place to give in-depth nutrition advice unless they're also a registered dietitian.

Your trainer has been moonlighting as your physical therapist.

Same as the above - your trainer shouldn't start doubling as a physical therapist (diagnosing and treating specific injuries) unless, of course, they're also a licensed physical therapist.

Your trainer pushes you to the point of injury.

Your personal training session is meant to push you to the limit—not beyond it. In fact, your trainer should outline the difference : burning pain - normal. Sharp shooting - stop immediately. If sharp shooting pain starts, you need to tell your trainer and they need to comply without question.

Your trainer is totally spaced out.

You're paying your personal trainer for their time and expertise, so the focus should be on you. Money aside, your trainer should be paying attention to your form and keeping you on track. Is a personal trainer not in your budget? Sign up for our 30 Day Challenge completely free!  unnamed  

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