6 Simple Ways To Get Closer To Your Goal Weight

So you'd like to drop a little weight but don't know where to start? Whether you want to fit into those new skinny jeans or rock that amazing summer dress, we've got some tips to help get you there: 1. Calories per day: To lose weight, you have to create a calorie deficit. You need to eliminate about 500 calories a day as 1 pound is about 3,500 calories. Work a combo of exercise and cutting calories to reach this number and you can shed a pound a week. 2. Keep track: In order to monitor your calories, write everything down. Look up the calorie amounts and write them down in a food journal or you can use a weightloss app. Write down every single thing you eat. Even your little nibbles. 3. Measure and repeat: Use measuring cups, spoons and scales to measure out correct portions. It is way to easy to overestimate, especially when you are hungry. How accurate do you think your eye ball job of your cereal actually is? At first measure everything from the milk you put in the cereal to the dressing on your salad. 4. Eat 5 times a day: To prevent the hungry feeling that causes you to overeat, plan to eat three meals and two snacks per day. Try to time them every two to three hours. Don't skip meals in an effort to save calories, it will only slow your metabolism and cause you to gain. If you have a snack after dinner, try to do it a few hours before you go to bed so digestive issues don't keep you awake -- sleep is key for weightloss. 5. What to eat: Every time you eat, try to make sure you are getting protein, fiber and healthy carbs. These will satisfy you, fill you up and give you energy. You three meals should be between 300-500 calories and your snacks about 150 each. 6. Save calories: Find easy ways to cut calories. Use one slice of cheese on your sandwich instead of two, swap that juice for a glass of water. It is easy when you think about it and in the end, it really adds up. Is there anything we missed? How do you kick start your weightloss?

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