The 6 Sneaky Things That Are Making You Fat

If you're wondering why you're diet and exercise plan is failing you, here are the 6 hidden culprits that could be causing you to pack on fat. #1 You Have Bad Gut Bacteria   Cravings can be caused by bacteria lurking in your gut. If the bacteria in your gut is used to eating, say, greasy fast food - it will automatically work against you when you change your diet to healthier foods. As long as you stave off those cravings, your bacterial populations will settle down and your body will adjust to your diet change. #2 You're Becoming Your Parents It can be hard to fight off habits that we were raised with, especially when it comes to eating and fitness. These habits can also be genetic. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle can actually cause a shift in genetic behaviour and no allow certain genes to be inherited by the next generation. #3 You're Running On Information Overload   There are countless blogs, vlogs, articles and studies out there on nutrition. But not all interweb information is created equal. Keep your diet simple, and make sensical choices. Little things like drinking more water, cutting out processed foods and eating more greens can help you lose weight. #4 You Haven't Done Any Research Your problem may be the opposite to #3, you're going on hear-say and theories without looking into them. Drinking beer all the time because you heard from a friend it's nutrient rich? Maybe look into it, and also assess whether you feel healthier and slimmer after 3 pints. #5 You Have No Structure Planning meals and getting into a steady workout routine are key. Soon you body will fall in line and crave certain healthy foods and that morning cardio burn. #6 You Eat Like Other People   If your BFF can pound back chicken wings, beer and cake at dinner and still have a flat stomach, why can't you? The truth is, no body is the same and everyone metabolizes food differently. It's important to only model your eating habits and exercise regime around yourself. Can you identify with any of these habits? Share your thoughts with us!  

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