6 Stories Of Fit Girls Who Out-Performed Men At Their Gym

Doing things "like a girl" is not a sign of weakness in the eyes of these inspiring fit girls. In fact, it is the ultimate compliment. Ladies, check out these stories of women who have changed the game when it comes to working out and redefined what it means to be strong. And gentlemen, let this be a lesson to all of you who think girls at the gym can't totally outdo your workout game.

#1 Do you even lift, bro?

“I’m 5 feet tall and weigh maybe 105 or 115 pounds. I wouldn't know exactly since I never get on a scale. But aesthetically, I don't look like a bodybuilder and my petite size is misleading. So one day, when the squat rack was free, I proceeded to start my warmup. As I was getting ready to start, this guy, maybe 6’7” tall, comes and asks how many I have left. I politely let him know I was just starting but that he could feel free to jump in. I let him go first. As he racked the plates, I warmed up doing burpees. When he finished, he started to take off a plate. I politely said, ‘No don't remove that.’ He looked at me, puzzled, and asked, ‘Are you doing the same weight?’ I smiled and said, ‘No, I want to add another plate.’ I started to do my set. Before I even finished, he had left.” —Malvina P.

#2 Challenge Accepted

“I was doing a fitness challenge at my gym about five years ago and was paired against another guy. Each of us were supposed to hold a plank, which I love to challenge myself in, for as long as we could. Going into it, the guy was told that my previous plank personal record was seven minutes and 30 seconds. So guess what? He holds his plank for 7 minutes and 35 seconds. Then, I held mine for eight minutes and 20 seconds.” —Kimberly M.

#3 Lifting Happily Ever After

“Shortly after we started dating, I asked my boyfriend to lift with me at my gym. According to him, he lifted every day, so I didn’t think joining me would be all that challenging. Little did he know, though, that he was walking into my territory, where chicks lift heavy and push just as hard as any guy. He ended up making it through about 20 minutes of my workout before he disappeared to the restroom for the next 20 minutes. He returned pale but ready to give it another go. Later that morning, he had to drive about an hour to work and actually had to walk backward up the stairs so his legs wouldn’t crumble under him. Today, we're married, and he survives the gym daily with me—but he still takes breaks in the bathroom while I secretly smile and continue my sets.” —Jess K.

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#4 And He Huffed, And He Puffed

“While I was training for my first half-marathon, the weather forced me inside for more than a few long runs. About halfway through one, a guy hopped on the treadmill next to me. As I saw him peeking at my screen, he quickly adjusted his speed to exactly match mine. 'So annoying,' I thought. But I wasn’t going to screw up my pacing by trying to beat him at his own racing game. It turns out, I didn’t need to. About a mile into his run, he slowed it down to a walk, huffing and puffing like he had been doing an all-out sprint. I ran four more miles after that." —Christine R.

#5 Weight For it

“I don't max lift often, but one day when I was max lifting on the leg press, I started with one plate on each side. The guy on the leg press next to me had three on each. I caught him glancing at my weight and giggling. His giggling subsided when he stopped at six plates on each side and I kept on going. I continued to add a plate to each side until I had 20 plates total. No, I can't do this every day and only did three reps with that weight—but I will admit that it felt good to shut that one dude up. Who knows, maybe he helped me PR that day.” —Angela H.

#6 Weight Room Wars

“My husband and I used to do workout routines from health and fitness magazines together. I would pull out my sets of weights and tell him to get heavier ones. But he usually ended up grabbing lighter ones like mine, resting more, and complaining. He wasn't a fan of my tips on his technique and form, either. We've done more separate workouts lately. Ha! ” —Jennifer N. Have you ever shut down a hater at the gym? Share your story with us! Source: Women's Health

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I think women and men should leave their egos at the door ! Every person is different shapes and sizes. Just do your best and be proud if yourself, because when you pass from this world it’s your SPIRITUAL SOUL GOD cares about not your body that will be rotting away in the ground. TO COME TO THE FATHER YOU MUST GET PAST THE FLESH ! DON’T ANY OF YOU FORGET THAT !!!!!! May our LORD and Saviour be with you all. AMEN……..

John C Campbell December 02, 2021

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