6 Strange Things Your Skin Might Be Telling You About Your Health

Skin is sensitive. From using a new product that leaves your skin incredibly dry to an out of the blue breakout no matter how well you cleanse, sometimes stuff just happens. But because our skin has no problem telling us something's up, it's important to take note of any out-of-the-norm concerns. "The skin is the main external organ of the body, and it communicates and protects our inner organs," notes dermatologist Tanya Kormeili, MD. "The skin can be a clue to many internal organ diseases including liver disease, certain rashes in the groin, or even breast cancer." Not every skin issue is a reason to lose your cool and rush to the doctor, but if you do feel like something is going on, it's better to listen to your gut and seek medical advice.

1. Crow's Feet Around The Eyes

They're also known as "laugh lines," but they could actually be an indication that your eyesight needs to be checked out. "If you have crow's feet around the eyes, you may be squinting too much and either need eyeglasses, or sunglasses if you're driving during peak sun hours," explains Kormeli.

2. A Darkening Around The Neck Or Armpits

"Acanthosis Nigricans, or darkening around the neck or armpits, can be associated with diabetes or thyroid conditions," notes Kormeli. This pigmentation disorder typically arises in body folds and creases, and is also a side effect of people at risk for type 2 diabetes. [bctt tweet="6 Strange Things Your Skin Might Be Telling You About Your Health"]

3. Extremely Pale Skin

If your skin isn't typically pale, but has recently seemed to appear that way, you might have chronic anemia, a condition that occurs due to a lack of red blood cells in your body. It can happen due to low iron levels, folate, vitamin B12, or even as a result of genetics.

4. Freckles

"Freckles can indicate excess UV damage to the DNA of the skin," explains Kormeli. Some people are genetically prone to them, but others get them simply as a result of exposure to the sun. They will continue to darken with more UV exposure.

5. Dryness

While you could just be experiencing dry skin due to the colder weather, you might also be dehydrated, and consuming too much caffeine and alcohol. Dehydration can also cause breakouts, since your skin is working overtime to produce oil to make up for the absence of moisture.

6. A Beard of Acne

If you have persistent acne around the chin or mouth area, you might have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is an endocrine system disorder that is also linked to infertility. It typically flares up in the lower regions of the face due to a hormone disruption. If you are experiencing this as well as having irregular periods, your best bet is to check with your doctor. Skin can be tricky, so don't freak out right away if you are experiencing one of the above — especially if it is not a persistent flare up. However, if you do feel as though something is up, speak with your dermatologist. Have you experienced any of the above skin issues? Source: Bustle

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