6 Surprising Female Orgasm Facts You Didn't Know

Just because we know you've been dying for more orgasm trivia knowledge. You never know when this information will come in handy: 1. It takes women 10 to 20 minutes, on average, to climax during foreplay. You'll thank me for this information the next time he's trying to move things along to quickly. 2. Single women achieve an orgasm with a regular partner 62% of the time. A decently high percentage. But, could be better.... 3. Lesbian women orgasm 13.1% more often than straight women. Makes sense. 4. 11% of women climax the first time they sleep with a new partner. For many women, reaching an orgasm takes time, patience and often a sense of comfort. Things you don't always find in a first encounter. But look on the bright side, this is a perfect excuse to try a second encounter. 5. 67% of women report climaxing regularly six months into a relationship. You guys are working like a well oiled machine by then. That's right, well oiled. 6. 67% of women say they've faked it at least once: WHY? * 78% say to "avoid negative consequences" like upsetting their partner * 61% say to end faster * 47% say to get a "positive consequence" like pleasing their partner * 25% say because their partner was unskilled Learn anything new?  

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