6 Surprising Foods & Snacks To Keep You Slim

Eating clean is tough, especially for those of us that were raised on sugar filled snacks and carbs. That being said, certain foods have just the right combination of nutrients, volume, flavor and even texture to help control your appetite - that's why these 6 surprise foods will help you from being overly snack hangry!

Rye Crisps

Say goodbye to toast in the morning. Studies showed a breakfast containing either wheat bread or rye crisps, those who consumed the rye crisps felt 21 percent less hungry four hours later. They also ate 8 percent fewer calories at lunch than our wheat bread consumers. Some research has shown that rye contains viscous fiber, a special kind of fibre that expands in your gut to slow digestion and the release of carbs into your bloodstream. The end result? Lower blood sugar and stabilized insulin levels, so you're less hungry.


Popcorn is loaded with fiber, which leaves you feeling satisfied for hours by slowing digestion. That's not all -  a study fed people either popcorn or potato chips and they found that 15 calories' worth of low-fat popcorn was as satisfying as 150 calories' worth of chips. Popcorn also has more texture, so it takes longer to eat, giving your brain that time it needs to register that you've had enough food!


Sriracha is made with chili peppers, which are rich in the appetite suppressant capsaicin. This compound has multiple weight-loss benefits, such as increasing body temperature, which ups your calorie burn, and helping you feel fuller.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers rejoice!  When research was conducted at the University of Copenhagen, they volunteers a morning meal of either dark or milk chocolate.  The people who ate dark chocolate reported less hunger after­ward. Even better? They consumed 17 percent fewer calories at lunch. Now we aren't saying that you should eat chocolate for breakfast - but if you have a hankering, go for the dark! The option is higher in protein and contains less sugar than the milky stuff.

Portobello Mushroom

Portobello mushrooms are high in glutamate, an amino acid that has a delicious "fifth taste" called umami (the other four are sweet, sour, bitter and salty). During a recent study, volunteers ate soup with or without umami. Strangely, the umami eaters ate less but felt just as satisfied. While they still aren't sure exactly why, they suspect that umami's rich, flavour may play a role in the findings.


If you haven't been eating potatoes for a while, it's time to bring them back (french fries don't count...sorry). Potatoes that have been cooked and then cooled contain resistant starch. This carb passes through your small intestine without being digested. As it moves in to your large intestine, bacteria that live there feast on it, generating short-chain fatty acids. These encourage the production of special compounds, called peptides. Peptides send messages to your brain to tell you that you're full. Cooked potatoes served warm contain little resistant starch, however, when they are cooled, about 12 percent of their starch becomes resistant.

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