6 Things You Didn't Know About Sex, Drugs And Rock N' Roll

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Such a beautiful combination. Or is it? It seems that to live the glorious rock star life of excess, one must engage in all three of these activities, sometimes all at once. Sex toy company Adam & Eve conducted a survey and found that when it came to sex, alcohol/drugs, and music, things may not be all the we imagined. Of the people who took drugs before sex 79 percent said that the substance positively affected their sexual experience while only 21 percent could say it had a negative impact. Just 50 percent don't do drugs or drink at all before sex. Crazy right? There's more...

1. Fewer People Drink Before Sex Than You Think

Even though most people think doing drugs or drinking before sex enhances the experience, only 1 percent get drunk or high every time they have sex. 28 percent never get loaded before going to bed with someone and 33 percent say they do "sometimes."

2. The Majority Of People Don’t Do Drugs Before Having Sex

71 percent have never taking an illegal drug before having sex. There go all my rock n' roll dreams! Of those who did choose to get high 27 percent chose to smoke weed. Cocaine and heroin come in at 8 percent and 1 percent respectively.

3. Having Sex On Drugs Is A Mixed Bag

Most people said that drugs were good for sex but this isn't actually always the case. Marijuana and ecstacy both have positive effects on the body but it might be a different story when it comes to sex. Ecstasy is dehydrating and that can make lubrication impossible. And although weed can add to arousal, it can also make you paranoid which is not what anyone needs when they are getting down.

4. Most People Prefer To Not Listen To Music During Sex

Shocking, I know. Only 39 percent of people want music while they have sex. Of those who do listen to music, 52 percent use it to create the setting while 12 percent says it puts them in the mood.

5. Rock Is Actually Not The Most Popular Music For Getting In The Mood

As someone who considers Led Zeppelin to be a musical aphrodisiac, my mind is blown by this finding. What is the most popular? 29 percent say 'easy listening.' Rock comes in at 25 percent, then pop at eight percent, classical at seven percent, country at five percent, hip hop at four percent, then at 21 percent is the “other” category.

6. There Are People In The World Listening To Coldplay During Sex

Not with me they aren't. But luckily for Coldplay and Coldplay lovers, I'm not everyone. According to Spotify, the top 10 songs to have sex to are rather varied. Number one is "Intro by xx with Coldplay's "Magic" next followed by “From Eden” by Hozier, and a bunch of other songs by LP, Zella Day, Fou de Toi, and Chet Faker. And this time I thought people were having chemically enhanced, music filled sex parties. Nothing like survey results to kill your rock n' roll fantasies! Any part of this list ring true for you? Share your stories with us!

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