6 Things You Never Knew About The Clitoris

It is easy to believe that you know everything you could possibly about the clitoris. They are wonderful little pleasure givers but there is so much more to love. This list of 6 wonderful facts is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).

1. The clitoris isn't just the nub at the top of your vulva.

It looks tiny and appears to begin and end right there, but the clitoris extends deep into your body. It extends to the mouth of the vagina and has legs of sorts, shaped a little like a wish bone the extends deeper into your pelvis.

2. Those same internal clitoral structures might actually be what we think of as the G-spot.

Using sonograms, researchers looked at what happens to the inside of our bodies during sex. They found that during penetration, the vagina flexes in such a way that the penis rubs through the vaginal wall and stimulates the inner part of the clitoris, which may be the G-spot.

3. Not all clit stimulation feels good.

It has been said the the clitoris is the only organ designed purely for pleasure. But that isn't completely true. It is designed for sensation. If you are not turned on, stimulation of the clitoris may not feel good at all. It isn't a magic pleasure button. You need to be into it for it to work.

4. Clitorises vary greatly in size, anything from tiny peas to a reasonably sized gherkin pickle.

It really can differ that much. There is no real 'normal' here. Unless you are experiencing pain, your clitoris is normal -- no matter the size.

5. Just because you have a large clit doesn't mean you're less sensitive or more sensitive.

All a large clit means is that you have a large clit. There is no connection between size and preferred sensation.

6. Every clit likes different types of stimulation.

For all of you dating the owner of a vagina: just because you have stimulated one to orgasm in the past, doesn't mean that method will work the next time you're dealing with a different clitoris. Every single one is different. There is an awful lot going on behind that little nub, wouldn't you say?

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