6 Thoughts You Have Trying to Decide If You Should Go Out

The classic battle of staying in or going out. We all experience this dilemma on a Friday night: going out "Maybe I'll watch one more episode of Orange is the New Black and then decide..."   "Perhaps putting on some mainstream club music will get me in the mood. Ah, Pitbull! Perfect."   "Changing out of my comfies and taking a shower is like mission impossible. I wish it was socially acceptable to go to the club in sweatpants."   "I really don't want to be looking at my friends Instagram feeds tomorrow seeing all the cool stuff I missed."   "I ate a whole personal pizza for dinner. Will that dress even fit me?"   "Okay, I suppose since my friends promised me brunch tomorrow...I will drag myself out into the night!"  What are some thoughts you have before a girls night out? Let us know!

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