6 Tricks To Staying Fit In Cottage Country

It’s finally nice out, and hopefully people are getting to go on some weekend getaways to the cottage, like I did on this past weekend. Since I made terrible choices for my liver and ate everything in sight, I realized that I may need to reassess and plan ahead the next time I go to the cottage. I did some brainstorming and here are my own top 6 tips for staying fit in cottage country: 1. Get Active The cottage is great for lazing the day away, but there are also so many fun physical activities that you could do instead. Nature walks, kayaking, beach volleyball, swimming, canoeing – these are all fun activities that also give you a workout. I’m not saying that you have to make your cottage vacay a non-stop workout, but try to get active for at least part of the trip. Strolling in the Park   2. Alcohol Choice This is not grade 10 anymore and we’re not getting drunk on sugary vex drinks in our parents’ basements. Alcohol contains sugar no matter what, but to avoid puking the colour purple stick with wine, straight alcohol mixed with juice, tea, or sparkling water, and avoid premixed sugar-filled drinks. 3. Veggies With Every Meal You need to make a legitimate plan to eat healthy, and one way to do that is to incorporate vegetables into every meal. Burgers and hot dogs may be great barbecue fare but so are veggies! Put a little bit of olive oil in a tin foil container, dump in some chopped vegetables (I suggest broccoli and carrots), add some montreal steak spice, drizzle a lit bit of olive oil on top, cover with tin foil, and put on the barbecue for 30 minutes. OR make kebabs! You can also make a big salad at the start of trip and whittle your way through it at every meal. cottagefitnessGrilled-veggie-kebabs 4. Healthy Snacks Of course the cottage is a time to indulge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your health in check at the same time. The great thing about the cottage is that you will eat what you pack, so make sure to pack healthy snacks. If you pack chips, you’ll probably end up eating those chips. My favourite healthy snacks are trail mix, apples with peanut butter, or celery and hummus. 5. Drink Water Whether you’re dozing in the hammock, kayaking, or drinking your face off, staying hydrated is important. Just because you’re away at the cottage don’t leave your water habit at the wayside, always bring a water bottle with you when you leave the cottage and drink water with every meal. 6. Choose Your Drinking Game Wisely Beer pong, flip cup, ride the bus, slap cup, never have I ever, 21 thumper, circle of death; there are so many good options when it comes to drinking games, but which one is right for you? More specifically, determine which is the “healthiest/fittest” game you can pick. Try to pick a game that will get you up off your feet, and allow you to take breaks from drinking. My personal favourite is a game my friends call “drinkopoly” where you grab a piece of cardboard and each person makes their own section of the board with a challenge on each space. Your spaces could include: run to the dock and back, do as many push-ups as you can while everyone else drinks, take a break and drink water, make a healthy snack for the table, or any other health and fitness inclined challenge you can think of. cottagefitnessdrinkinggame

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