6 Ways to Find Motivation

Somedays we just don't feel like working out. Hell, sometimes I have weeks or months when I am unmotivated. So, here are six ways that I motivate myself daily, weekly, or monthly to get out there and just do it. 1. Workout Buddy ss_spl100138_001 A workout buddy has proven to increase your chances of showing up to a workout. Not only are you unable to change your mind at the last minute, but you now have someone to commiserate with or to encourage you. None of us really like accountability but it doesn't mean that we don't need it! 2. Music images-59 It never fails that if I sit down and download some kick ass music, then I can somehow find the energy to get up and start my workout as it's blasting in my ears. Music is an amazing and wonderful thing! 3. Jump right in or start easy images-60 The longer that I have been a trainer, the more I realize there are two kinds of people. There are the ones that will be more motivated to start with something that isn't intimidating--such as a long warm up on the bike or treadmill, a walk around the neighborhood, etc. My suggestion for this is to start small. Work your way up in intensity by the time you have reached twenty minutes. Take twenty minutes to let your body decide that it wants to move! Then, there are the kind of people that have to start hard and just get the most difficult things done within the first few minutes. My suggestion...set your workout up with the major amount of intensity within the first ten minutes. 4. Brush Your Teeth images-61 This may work for no one else, but the freshness of my teeth actually helps. Maybe you have some other kind of quirk, but this is mine. If I don't feel like working out, then I go in and brush my teeth after I have dressed in my workout gear. It's like a reset button for me and helps me feel fresh. 5. Change up the Setting! images-62 Don't get BORED! Whatever you do! Getting bored is a workout nightmare. This is why my clients come to me. They know that I am going to prepare a different workout every day. And the only thing that is just as helpful as unique workouts? Is where you are working out! If you feel unmotivated, try a completely new workout and/or setting...surfing, cycling, swimming, running, hiking, etc. 6. Give yourself Freebee Days If you NEVER give yourself a day when you can allow your body to rest, then you WILL hit your wall. Make sure to give yourself what I call, "Just Because Days". I workout on these days, but I give myself the chance to go easy.   Whatever you do to find motivation, just get up and move. Find Balance and Health by understanding what YOU need! XO, Tessa TVWHS3final-2    

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