6 Ways To Help Your Swim Damaged Hair

Being out in the sun and then slipping into the water is one of the greatest joys of summer. Refreshing and fun but pool and salt water can be really hard on your hair. Here are 6 ways you can rescue yourself from hellish damaged hair:

Step one: Saturate Your Hair

You hair is only able to hold so much water. Think of it as a sponge. If you soak it with as much fresh water as you can before you swim, and it will be too saturated to soak up the damaging water.

Step two: Create a Conditioner Shield

Apply a leave in condition or a conditioning spray. "Condtioner will further seal the fresh water in your hair," says Melissa Piliang, M.D., dermatologist at the Clevland Clinic, who specializes in hair and scalp disorders.

Step three: Put a Cap On It

"Wear a swim cap when swimming in indoor pools, which often have higher chlorine levels," says Piliang. This will help keep fresh water and conditioners in, chlorine out.

Step four: Rinse

You don't have to do the full rinse, lather, repeat routine but it is a good idea to thoroughly rinse your hair as soon as you get out of the water. "If you wait, the water will eventually evaporate, leaving high concentrations of chlorine and salts behind," says Piliang. She also recommends using a heavy conditioner from ears to tips. Coconut oil seems like a good choice as it has been known to combat bleach induced protein loss.

Step five: Wear a Hat

"Wearing a hat outdoors will help protect the hair (and the delicate skin of your face!) from the damaging rays of the sun," says Piliang. "UV radiation in sunlight breaks chemical bonds in the hair and weakens its keratin, leading to fragile hair that's more easily damaged by other environmental factors like chlorine, salt water and wind."

Step six: Use a Hair Mask

Hair masks have MORE fats and oils than run of the mill conditioners. When you get home from your swim, shower as usual and then apply a mask, leave it in overnight and style like normal in the morning. There you have it! Perfect hair all summer long! Do you have any secrets that keep your locks looking great during damaging summer activities? Share your secrets with us!  

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