6 Ways to Start the Day Off Right

We're not all morning people, and many of us tend to wake up grumpy, sleepy, and totally unready to face the day ahead. If you don't do mornings well, it's time to get up and do the following things to start your day off right:
  1. Drink Water to Hydrate and Wake Up Your Organs, Nervous System, and Digestive System

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  1. Stretch to Get Blood Flowing Through Your Body and Energize Your Muscles

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  1. Take a Warm Shower to Turn On Your Central Nervous System

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  1. Have a Breakfast to Give Your Body Immediate Energy

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  1. Drink JUST ONE Cup of Coffee to Avoid a Caffeine Rush and Crash

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  1. Breathe Deep to Fill Your Lungs With Energizing Oxygen

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Source: howshealth.com[/caption] You don't need to get into a whole big workout to start off your day, but just doing the things above will help you to kick off a new morning ready to face the long work day ahead.
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