6 Yoga Animal Poses That Kids Will Enjoy

I think it's safe to say that most kids love animals and enjoy imitating them even more. So it is only natural to introduce yoga to young kids through different animals. I guess it makes it easier that a lot of the poses are based off animals in the first place! To make it more inviting, play along with your kids by really get into the poses and making the animal sounds. Not only will you have lots of laughs along the way, you can easily turn it into mini lessons on each animal you are recreating. Ask your kids if they have any animals they can create a pose for off the top of their heads. You'd be surprised at how imaginative they can be! Try these 6 fun animal poses with your kids to get your giggles on, imaginations flowing, and bodies moving: 1. Turtles summerperezturtlestackwithkids You can all go into child's pose, or in this case, turtle! To add more fun, try stacking your turtles. My mini turtles kept falling off my back, but that's what they enjoyed the most.   2. Cat-cow/Bull Riding summerperezbullridewithkids Get on all fours and meow (or screech) then moo as you move from cat to cow pose. Or have your kids go on your back (so long as it's safe for you) and turn it into bull riding... because most of us know that's what ends up happening anyway when little ones see you doing cat/cow.   3. Spider IMG_20150509_211612 To get into spider, stand with your feet about hip width apart, place your hands behind your feet, then lower down. You can then move one leg up at a time to make your spider dance.   4. Snake summerperezkidsupwardfacingdog Lay on your stomach then bring your upper body up into cobra pose while hissing like a snake. You can also get into a mini cobra by not going all the way up and resting on your forearms.   5. Butterfly summerperezkidsbutterflypose Put the soles of your feet together and let your knees drop to make a butterfly with your legs. Make your butterfly wings flutter and fly off on an adventure together.   6. Dog summerperezkidsanimalsdowndog Downward facing dog is one of the most recognizable yoga poses there is. Get your kids barking and being silly then move into upward facing dog to howl at the moon.   Yoga can be lots of fun for kids. Sometimes all it takes is to have things presented through their own interests. Curious: Did your kids have their own interpretations to these poses? Or create any poses of their own with their favorite animals?          

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