60 Seconds To Change What You Find Attractive

I know I’ve said this a gajillion times, but I’m saying it again: the media’s portrayal of women and men affect us in some pretty dramatic ways. Instead of my prattling on and platitudes, here’s some science to back up that claim, which shows that looking at models for only 60 seconds can change your brain: Laci Green from D News gives the low-down on an interesting study published in Plos One, in which participants were put into groups and primed with either plus sized models or underweight models for a total of 60 seconds. They were then asked to rank the attractiveness of images of women, with subtly varied BMIs. The group primed with a plus-sized model on average found a BMI of 18.4 most attractive, vs the 16.9 which participants with the underweight models found most attractive.   60seconds Definitely a short term study, and needing more research, but a great step in the right direction for body positivity. The pervasive images of narrow beauty standards for both men and women is a troubling trend, but hopefully this study points towards a way of changing it. Already there is a shift towards showing multiple body types, both small and large, and the more we see these varied beauty standards, the more people we’ll find beautiful. No wonder I find Ryan Gosling so attractive, I spend far more than 60 seconds a day looking at “Hey Girl” memes. 60secondsheygirl

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