An Attack on Your Preconceived Notions of Beauty

There is a revolution of sorts underway to challenge the impossibly perfect beauty ideals that are presently the norm in our culture and the relentless stream of beautiful people that have colonized social platforms like Instagram. FF11   The Dance Theatre Group Nothing To Lose takes on the lanky Victoria’s Secret media set types by unabashedly exploring alternate - and some would argue more realistic - body types, examples of which can be seen in the striking images by Toby Burrows and fellow artist Kate Blackmore. FF10   The production is Directed by Force Majeure's Kate Champion, and the project is a collaboration with artist and self styled fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater. Celebrating larger bodies in motion, with fluidity and grace, emotion and passion is not something that you generally see in any media context what so ever - and it does provide a strong alternate perspective on both beauty and what life is like for larger bodied people. Nothing to Lose Fat Shaming The tension that arises from this challenge to the standard beauty norms sparks a powder keg of contentious issues starting with the obvious - if being obese is unhealthy why is there an effort to celebrate or normalize it? FF3 FF2 FF8 Is it less healthy than being “model thin” or any less realistic than the digitally altered images of models that pervade our popular magazines and online content? What happens when we move the goal posts from one extreme to another? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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