BodyRock Sweatography: Two Time MommyRocker & Former Cardio Bunny

Inspirational BodyRocker: Olivia   I wanted to thank you for getting me into weights the results are amazing!! I used to do three hours cardio a day and still had a muffin top! On top of that I have a fourth month old and a 20 month old (2 pregnancies in two years) and have got the best body I've ever had! Thanks again weights truly are the best!! Olivia These photos were taken 8 weeks apart. image2 When I used to do cardio only on the left and weights on the right after two babies one is only 3 months when I took this. image3 Left just before I got into your workouts And the right was taken today. image4 Thank you so much again I should also mention I had a csection with baby two too!! Xxxxx

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