McDonald's French Fries, So That's How They're Made! Huh...

Ah...McDonald's french fries: perfectly greased, salty but not too salty, and beloved by billions all over the world. It may be one of the best comfort foods in existence, and when paired with a Big Mac, the best remedy for a hangover. Have you ever wondered how they are made though? a former McDonalds employee myself (don't judge me, I was in high school!) I know how they get nice and crispy. I've been the girl who pours 10lbs of frozen french fries into a metal contraption that you put inside of a huge greasy vat for a specified amount of time (that I no longer remember because I am old), and then pulls out the now 20lbs of perfectly crispy, golden pieces of deliciousness from the gross greasy vat, so they can then be salted-- just enough but not too much. As an employee, I had no clue where our french fries came from. To be honest, I didn't care back then either. But now we live in the world of the internet, the food police, the health nuts, and the granola moms (I might be that mom now, actually) and we want to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. Including where those dang french fries come from. Do they have GMO's? Are they mashed up and formed into a mold? Well, in the next four-minutes, you're about to find out. On Wednesday, McDonalds decided to answer our burning questions by releasing the below video on Facebook:
What do you think Body Rockers? Does the video answer your questions/ concerns? Does it change your mind at all about McDonald's, who is clearly trying to salvage their tarnished image after recent scandals like #pinkslime ?Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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